Bathroom remodel 2011

Before...the bathroom was extremely narrow so that some people (ok, most people) had to sit slightly sideways on the toilet or their knees would hit the tub! I thought the bathroom was original to the house, but when demolition started it became clear that the wall where the window was located was formerly a doorway (likely the backdoor) into the home.  So where was the bathroom and when was this one added? No clue, but you can see from the walls that were demoed that the old walls were lath and plaster. While these old walls are known for their ability to absorb noise and deter the spread of fire, some had to be removed. And that was not easy!!!

We ended up going with the configuration on the right on the bath plan sketch below.

And the after...

Palm Cottage Landscape Transformation 2004

The old yard landscaping was "charming" but didn't provide much privacy or adequate parking.  Plus the parking lot was old deteriorating asphalt, there was no irrigation for plants and no good path to the separate laundry room. 

The project gets underway!  All parking areas, walkway and randomly placed "patios" were removed.  Privacy fencing and half-fences were installed to create more intimate gathering areas.  Palm trees of various types were added to the existing Arecas and oaks, along with snowbushes, crotons, plumbago, jasmine groundcover, dwarf jatropha, white bird of Paradise, hibiscus, and Ixora.

Exterior, yard, patio and parking today.